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Ways to Remove Unwanted Hair

By katie parkar at 2010-02-23 01:08:15
Everyone, it seems, wants a smooth, silky, hairless body. But, in reality, the human body is literally covered with tiny hair from head to toe. Some people are blessed with body hair that is the same color as their skin. This means the hair is not very visible, at least from a distance.

The Greeks equated smooth skin with being civilized and the Romans and Sumerians, both men and women alike, used different methods to remove unwanted hair. In the past, patients were required to shave before they could be operated on for hygiene reasons but they now found out that is was counterproductive so it was no longer practiced before surgery.

The most popular means of quickly removing clumps of unwanted hair is by shaving. Usually, women just use disposable razors just after they shower. It's less of a bother after a bath; the skin and the hair are both softer and more pliable than when dry. Shaving after a bath also ensures that you can avoid cutting yourself when shaving.

Here's the only reason why small, disposable razors are not fun to use during head shaving: they wear out really fast. When the blades wear out, the edges become dull. Dull metal causes cuts and bleeding points in the skin. You don't have to throw away your disposable razor, though. Here's what you can do: use both.

Laser hair removal works by passing laser energy through the skin to heat the hair follicle to a point that results in the follicle being disabled or destroyed. This is done without the surrounding skin being damaged.

Laser removal: A permanent solution to your hairy problem is laser hair removal. It should be noted that laser hair removal is permanent; selective destruction is used so that the hair follicles would no longer produce or grow hair. Laser hair treatment for the chest can cost $150 to $450, depending on where you get the treatment and how big the area to be treated.

On the East Coast near the nation's capital, fashion-conscious women that like to show off their legs in shorts or skirts can avoid the weekly ritual of maintaining a smooth close shave by having their legs treated at a laser hair removal clinic.

You're not stuck with shaving; in fact, you can buy depilatories if you want naturally/ synthetically derived chemicals to do the hair removal for you. But make sure you get a quality depilatory cream or ointment; some ingredients may cause irritation to the skin. You wouldn't want an allergy just because you want to remove extra hair.

Electrolysis has the formal benefit of being the only approved medical method for the removal of hairs from the skin. This hair removal method is a permanent one so make sure you really want the hairs to be gone forever before engaging in electrolysis.

Another method is plucking hair. This is most often used for a stray unwanted hair found somewhere on the face. Women most often pluck hair along their eyebrow or along their lip line. This can be very painful and does not scale very well.

As long as you do all of your research and are informed and educated, your results will be extremely happy and you will never have to deal with unwanted hair ever again!

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